Master Brain Children Development Center helps your child to maximise the use of their ability and mental power to succeed in studies and ultimately all facets of life. Aimed at helping everyone (children as well as adults) to be part of an on-going learning procedure.


BrainOBrain Skill Development Course, Hand Writing, Holiday Camps, BrainOBrain at Schools, and many more skill development courses for kids.

BrainOBrain Skill Development Course

  • Worlds Latest Kids Friendly Syllabus
  • Only Courses to Develop Multitasking in Children
  • Competent, Trained, Certified & Committed Instructors


  • Does your child need to improve his/her handwriting???
  • Does he/she need to improve the speed maintaining quality

BrainOBrain at schools

  • We offer our popular BrainOBrain Syllabus at schools as part of the Activities offered.
  • Nurture your kids mental ability to face bigger problems

Holiday Camps

  • Exercise/Yoga (Specially for eye)
  • Exercise for brain
  • Handwriting
  • Maths quizzes and games
  • General Knowledge Quizzes
  • Science & Geography General Knowledge

Improve learning skills with BrainOBrain

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