JavaScript for Kids Dubai

JavaScript for Kids Dubai

JavaScript for Kids Dubai at MasterBrain is an initiative that offers kids aged between 5 to 16 in Dubai – the opportunity to learn JavaScript. The program includes coding workshops, hands-on activities and lectures. The workshops cover basic coding skills, such as Loops and Arrays, and more complex topics such as Callbacks, Regular Expressions, Objects, etc.

The JavaScript for Kids workshop is an intensive hands-on course designed to teach kids essential programming skills. The course spans lessons in JavaScript from beginner to intermediate level. The course teaches kids elementary programming skills they will be able to apply throughout their lives:

  • to write code
  • to debug code
  • to work with functions
  • to work with variables and loops
  • to work with objects

By the end of the course, students will be able to write their programs, debug their programs and read others’ programs.

Why JavaScript for Kids?

An interactive workshop for children. Fun and interactive activities using JavaScript.

JavaScript has become a staple of the Web, allowing developers to write interactive documents and design beautiful online interfaces. With so much potential there and ubiquitous technology, JavaScript-like Python and Ruby – is becoming an attractive language for aspiring programmers. Kids are already learning JavaScript in Dubai, where they can sign up for these classes at the MasterBrain academy.

Meet the MasterBrain behind JavaScript Coding for Kids, a BrainOBrain Academy helping the next generation master the coding basics.

MasterBrain also teaches them the basics of HTML coding and robotics.

Coders of the future are today!

By providing coding education, we believe that these young programmers will grow up to be future coders and develop their skills.

“We’re trying to teach kids to think with logic, but where logic meets creativity, it’s an opportunity for innovation.”

A combination of learning strategies and dedicated trainers helped students develop the skills they needed to code. Today, thanks to a mix of freely available tools and online classes, coding should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

Learning JavaScript isn’t as hard as you might think for kids. In fact, it’s best taught in small chunks, showing children simple code that they can use to build various applications

Now children can master the art of programming

Students will be taught by professional developers with years of experience working for MNCs around the world. Students will learn how to develop and design interactive apps and games that run on all platforms – Android and iOS.

Combining a simple interface and engaging animations, the app allows children to learn to create simple programs through drag and drop functions, loops, conditional statements multiple variables and functions. Each lesson starts with a brief overview of the topic before moving into hands-on coding where the child creates an interactive program that develops their practice.

Educators and parents are always looking for new ways to engage children in math, science and reading. One solution may be to find fun ways to incorporate coding into the curriculum.

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