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Robotics Classes in Dubai

Robotics Online Training Classes Dubai Learn robotics Robotics in Dubai is one of the fastest-growing fields. It has been around for some time now. Still, with the rise of artificial intelligence, robotics is increasingly playing a significant role in the development of assistive technology, rehabilitation medicine, and education. Recent developments in robotics are advancing the […]

STEM Classes Dubai

STEM Classes Dubai STEM classes can be a significant part of your child’s education. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and is the study of how these fields interact. Parents often worry that STEM classes will limit their children to future career plans, but the reality is that most STEM fields are interdisciplinary. […]

Learn Online French Courses from Experience Tutoring by Native French Speakers

Online French Courses French Course Learning a foreign language may be an incredible hobby to have, but did you know it could also be helpful for your personal life? Many schools offer French courses, so students of all ages can get a chance to learn this beautiful language. Learning a French language can help broaden […]

Enroll for French Classes Online Dubai & Learn the French Language With Proficiency

French Classes Online Dubai Learning French is not an impossible task. There are various French language courses online that can help your kids learn the skills of the French language. All that is required is just a computer with an internet connection and you can start learning French at your own comfort. French online classes […]

Learning Coding from Scratch in a Fun & Easy Way

Learning Coding from Scratch Scratch is a visual programming language for kids, teens, and grown-up kids who want to learn basic programming. Scratch programming is fun, entertaining and ideal for learning coding from scratch. Scratch is a creative coding program for kids between 4 and 7 years old. Developed with cooperation from MIT, the program […]

Scratch Coding Junior Online – Programming is all about problem solving

Scratch JR Online Scratch JR is an online version of the famous Scratch Jr. programming environment for kids. The Scratch team has made it possible to create and share programs that run in the browser by using a simple programming language called “Scratch”. Scratch JR Online is a new online resource for Scratch Jr, an […]

Play Chess Through Online Chess Training Classes UAE Program & Get Ready For Weekly Chess Competitions

Online Chess Training Classes UAE Online chess training is a great way to improve and practise chess skills and strategies. Chess games have their own unique features, which are not present in our physical chess games. One of the exceptional features of chess games is that they are played in real-time. The online chess classes […]

Coding Classes for Kids in Dubai – The Best Way to Innovate Your Kids with Coding Skills

Coding Classes for Kids in Dubai Yes, it is true that kids love technology and today’s generation has been more inclined to pick up an app and search than play with toys. However, the most important question is: are you making sure that your kids are getting the most out of all this? This is […]

JavaScript for Kids Dubai: a fun way to learn programming language

Javascript for Kids Dubai Javascript is a beautiful and simple programming language. Your kids can make use of the coding language to create amazing games, write websites and code web applications. It can be fun and easy to learn a coding language. Javascript is based on objects and also be used to create powerful programs. […]